Create a level 1 raid from empty disks


Your customer got a new Ubuntu 18 Server with two additional disks. The customer needs a new directory at \data to store important files.

All data inside this directory should be stored on a RAID 1 utilizing the additional disks. Your colleagues are familiar with RAID but want to try Btrfs as the filesystem. But, in case they don't like Btrfs, they only want to convert the filesystem without changing the RAID.


  • identify the two additional disks
  • create a software RAID 1
  • format and mount the RAID according to your instructions
  • make sure the mount persists across reboots (reboot via vagrant reload inside the training directory)


  • Please reboot your VM via vagrant reload inside the training directory - not reboot - to mount required directories
  • In case your VM doesn't boot anymore or the HDDs are broken just run vagrant destroy followed by vagrant up to delete the VM and start over
  • After finishing the training, please remove all files in storage-raid-create-lvl1-ub18/tmp manually


filesystem: btrfs