admindōjō is a game style, interactive Linux tutorial for junior sysadmins. It utilizes third-party tools to provide a free, real-world training environment for everybody.

The teaching environment consists of the following tools:

  • InSpec by Chef - Compliance testing framework - License: Apache License 2.0 (only up to version <4.0!)
  • Vagrant by HashiCorp - Easy-to-use workflow to build VM environments- License: MIT
  • Virtualbox by Oracle - Powerful virtualization for enterprise as well as home use - License: GPLv2

admindōjō does not own, sell and distribute these tools and is not associated or connected with any of these tools/companies.

admindōjō is a hobby project by marvin heimbrodt.

Feeback is highly appreciated!

Create an GitHub Issue or send a mail:

creating trainings

Trainings are fully open source under MIT license.

A training includes:

  • a vagrantfile/overrides for admindojo base image
  • instructions (newbie friendly)
  • InSpec profile
  • test scripts to solve a training automatically(for testing)

sumbit a training idea: issue@Github

create a training: documentation@Github


marketing & tracking

admindōjō doesn't use any tracking tools for marketing purposes.


admindōjō does store a login cookie on your local computer to save your login status.


admindōjō stores logs with your IP for tracking the high score, anti-cheat, debugging and security reasons. Nothing gets used for marketing.


admindōjō uses Sendgrid to send you emails when creating a new account. (see for more information)


admindōjō uses Microsoft azure to host this website. (see for more information)